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Delaware Appraisal Land Information System (DALIS) Project was established in 1994 by the Delaware County Auditor. Since then, the division has become the recipient of numerous international, national, and local awards for its exemplary use of GIS technology in property taxation as well as many other applications.

The division started its activities with hiring of Shoreh Elhami, DALIS Project’s GIS Director in September 1994. Ms. Elhami started her employment with Delaware County in 1989 when she was hired to establish a GIS system for Delaware County Regional Planning Commission (RPC). By the time she left the RPC, their GIS system included over 60 data layers, though cadastral layers were absent from that database. The RPC’s GIS datasets were heavily used in conducting a variety of environmental and planning analysis needed for county’s Comprehensive Plan which was adopted in 1994.

In 1995 and shortly after her employment with the County Auditor’s office, Ms. Elhami hired a team of three full time and one part time GIS professionals. The team’s initial task consisted of a thorough Quality Control of the work that was done by a consulting firm who was hired in 1990. The team of consultants was responsible for the county’s first fly over (April 1991), establishing 110 GPS monuments, and also for conducting a complete deed research and full manuscription of all property boundaries onto an Orthophoto hard copy base map. Deliverables included several data layers including parcels, right of ways, municipal, township, school districts, and etc.

In 1997, DALIS Project entered into a contract with Merrick and Company of Colorado. As part of that project, 228 more GPS monuments were added to the existing network and at the time the county acquired a digital Orthophoto product as well as a county-wide contour dataset.

In 1998, DALIS Project started publishing all of its datasets via CD-Rom as well as an Interactive Map Server (IMS) application. The Map Objects based IMS application became the second one in the state to publish a cadastral dataset.

The county was flown for the third time in 2002 once again by Merrick and Company which delivered color Orthophotos to the county. In 2004, county hired Pictometry, a company that created an oblique set of imageries for the county; a dataset that is being used by county appraisers as well as all emergency and law enforcement agencies.

County's 2006 Orthophoto and Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) project was awarded to Merrick and Company. This was the third time that Merrick was hired by the county. Merrick flew the county in April of 2006 and this time, the resolution of orthophotos for the entire county was at six inch pixel resolution as opposed to three varying resolutions of six inch, one foot and two feet in previous projects (1991, 1997 and 2002). Merrick is also providing the county with LiDAR datasets and 2 foot contours for the entire county. Both the orthophotos as well as LiDAR and contour datasets will be delivered to the county by February 2007.

Since its inception, DALIS Project’s rich datasets is being used by a variety of county and city jurisdictions and in numerous applications such as: appraisal, planning, economic development, E-911 related applications, elections, building and code compliance, utilities, engineering, water and waste water mapping to name a few. DALIS staff assists many of these departments with their GIS needs and with developing a variety of cutting edge applications each and every year.

Throughout the years, DALIS Project has received many awards. In 1998, Delaware County’s GIS was recognized by the Ohio Geographically Referenced Information Program (OGRIP) as having the Best GIS Practice in State of Ohio. Following that award and in year 2000, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) recognized DALIS Project with a Special Achievement Award (SAG); a prestigious award given only to the best GIS practices worldwide.

Two other major awards were given to DALIS project in recent years and those are: Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)’s Leadership Award in 2003 and URISA’s Exemplary systems in Government (ESIG) award in 2005. The latter award was give to DALIS Project for its latest IMS application called DALIS Web.

DALIS Web is the division’s latest creation and since July 15 th, 2005 when the application went live, it has received over half a million hits per month! This application is based on ArcIMS and .NET technology and was developed in-house. It includes over 50 data layers and has many new features such as custom searches, census information, and access to many different recorded documents.

Currently, DALIS Project consists of six full time employees and one part time intern.

The following is a chronological list of DALIS Project’s activities since 1990:


55 pairs of first order permanent GPS monuments were established

First aerial fly-over provided conventional Orthophotos

Using conventional Orthophotos, contractors conducted deed research & manuscripted the cadastral base on the mylar Orthophotos


The contractor started delivering products to the county


GIS Director was hired in September 94 and DALIS Project was established

Three full time team members were hired and the database Quality Control began

April 1997

Another 228 first order permanent GPS monuments were established

The County was re-flown and digital Orthophotos were created. Contours and other planimetric layers were also created


DALIS Project’s database was published on CD ROMs and on the Internet. Delaware County was the second county in the state with parcels based data on the web.

Started working on Census related projects


Other products such as topo, Orthophotos, flood plains and soils were published. Additional tools were added to the Internet application

Hired a company to create a GPS based point coverage

Hired Mobile Video of Kansas City, Missouri to capture addresses using GPS equipment and in a point feature class as well as front facade photos of all structures within Delaware County

DALIS Project received the “Best GIS Practices Award” from Ohio Geographically Referenced Program (OGRIP)


DALIS Project received national recognition for its efforts in the Census 2000 process

DALIS Project created a voting precinct layer for the Board of Elections and installed a customized GIS application for that office

DALIS project became the recipient of ESRI’s Special Achievement Award (SAG) in 2000


DALIS Project assisted the County’s E-911 in adding a GIS component to their CAD system

DALIS project’s CAUV and Census projects were presented at national and international conferences

Implemented a Mobile based GIS to capture records of new constructions’ addresses and photos


In April 2002 the County was re-flown and Orthophotos were created in available on CD ROMs and DVDs

After one year of meeting with various stake holders, County’s Address standard was adopted in September 2002


DALIS Project along with the Delaware County Engineer's Office created the 2002 Delaware County Highway Map


DALIS Project created the Delaware County E-911 Mapbook and made it available in hardcopy along with downloadable digital format from the web

DALIS Project created individual precinct maps in pdf format that can be download off the web

DALIS Project created a series of landmark layers that are available for download from the web

DALIS Project along with County's E-911 re-hired Mobile Video to take photos of all of the structures within the County. All the photos became available on the web by the end of 2004

DALIS Project along with E-911 and Sheriff Department hired Pictometry to re-fly the county and create orthogonal and oblique imagery. This dataset will be used for appraisal and law enforcement applications among others

DALIS Project migrated out of ESRI's coverage environment and re-created all of its applications in the new data model (Geo Database)

Public Cadastral maps were re-created from the new GIS environment and were published on the web in early 2004


The County was flown by Pictometry in April of 2004 and the image dataset was provided to county Auditor, E-911, and the Sheriff's department

Redesigned and implemented a full Geodatabase for cadastral mapping

More Map Books were published on the web site; among those are, tax districts, precincts, and ownership map books

Designed and launched the county's second IMS application "DALIS Web" on July 15 th, 2005. The site has attracted over half a million hits per month


Awarded the county’s Orthophoto and Lidar Project to Merrick and Company in March 2006

DALIS Project's web site was completely redesigned and launched in May of 2006. The new web site contains over 190 web pages and makes over 800 maps and 230 data layers available to the public.

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